Stretch those blogging muscles

January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Create your blog. Make sure it’s set up correctly.

See what else is out there in your area of expertise. From the list below, choose two of the blogs labeled as good in your area of interest.  Read five posts in each blog. On your own blog, you will write a post about what you found out in reading those two blogs. What topics were the writers discussing? What was the approach? Why do you think the blog was labeled as one to follow? What struck you about the topics and writing style? If you’re interested in more than one area, check out more categories. If you have a blog othe word blog on post-it noter blogs you already read in the area of social media, PR, advertising, design, marketing, data visualization, you can use that.

Remember: A blog post should have a headline, an illustration of some kind (remembering to use only what is legal and ethical to use), relevant links and tags.

Public relations: Here’s a list from Jon Greer.

News: There’s a huge list. Take your pick.

Advertising and Marketing: Advertising Age publishes its Power 150

Graphic design: A blogger’s 50 best.

Photography:  A blogger’s best


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