What is your sentence?

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

For your next blog assignment (Due Monday, Jan. 23), I want you to think about and create your own sentence as in answer to Daniel Pink’s video/message.

How would you write your student sentence? It should encapsulate the person you are  and the person you are becoming. If you are  still searching for that person, that’s OK. How are technology and social media changing that sentence? What remains the same in news, public relation, advertising, marketing, design, photo-j, writing? screenwriting, video?

For your blog, I want you to create your sentence and write about the process of reaching that sentence. metal type letters

This is part of the idea of building a personal brand.  The list below certainly would be helpful in applying for jobs or figuring out your skills for a resume and a cover letter.

Here’s a bit of a worksheet to help you figure this out:

1. My top three personal strengths:

2. My top three talents:

3. My core area of expertise:

4. What my target audience needs and wants:

5. The value and the experience I can deliver to meet those needs and wants:

6. What I can do better than anyone else:

7. What services I offer that differentiate me and set me ahead of my competition:

Many have completed this exercise.

Students in my previous Social Media classes struggled with it, yet ended up being glad they wrote one.

Brittany Mascio: Self-sentenced

Lesley Matteuzzi: Summing me up in a sentence

Joe Kruger: Distillation

Aurora Driscoll: Only a sentence?

For more on developing a personal brand, which we’ll talk about all semester, you might want to bookmark Dan Schwabel’s Student Branding Blog.



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