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January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the social media landscape, different social media tools work for different parts of your life. Some, like Twitter, can overlap.

LinkedIn is a social networking tool aimed at business. You use it to connect, to find a job, to find professionals, to see what others are doing, to get business leads, to build your resume and professional brand. Reporters can use it to find sources and information and to find leads.

Like most successful social media tools, it is relatively easy to sign up for, but it takes time and effort to use it effectively.

For students and those near graduation, LinkedIn offers a way to start making important business connections early. For Creighton students interested in moving away after graduation, it’s also a way to start building those job prospects in other cities by connecting with groups or people at places where you’d like to work.

In class, we’ll watch some quick videos about signing up for LinkedIn and its advantages. Check out the LinkedIn Learning Center for ideas on how to use Linkedin more effectively. This link goes to the journalism section, but there are others.

What is required:

  • Join LinkedIn
  • Develop a professional profile, which includes photo, resume info and  summary.
  • Include skills you have.
  • Find at least 50 connections. (You can start with everyone in the class.)
  • Join at least four groups ( Two easy ones: College of Arts and Sciences and Social Media for Good.) A group should be made up of professionals you  are interested in: PR, marketing, advertising,
  • Ask a question that involves your particular field of interest or about the job search, skills you will need.) You’ll find the question  section under the More tab.


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