Assignment: Listen to the Quiet

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I get the irony. I, your social media professor who has loaded you with assignments to start blogs, start tweeting, get LinkedIn and say yes to Google+, am telling you that there are times when you should turn it all off. (You still have to do the assignments.)

In this world of constant interruptions and constant noise, sometimes — to quote my mom — we can’t hear ourselves think. It’s a theme Pico Iyerwrites about beautifully in this New York Times essay.

I know college students also feel those demands of classes, studying, friends, family, jobs, activities.

I find quiet time in walking my dog. I bring my phone when I’m walking in the dark, but it’s only for emergencies. I walk and think and probably talk to myself.  I like being away from everything if even only for that half-hour to 40 minutes.

I also appreciate those times when I have been in the Dominican Republic and Africa, mostly cut off from TV, phones and the Internet. Not completely. But I loved sitting in the rocking chairs that lined the lovely veranda at ILAC in Santiago, Domincan Republic.

The rocking chairs beckon you to relax and enjoy life.

For your assignment for Monday, read Iyer’s essay and write a post about how you control the noise. Is it worse than it used to be?


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