Course requirements

The grades in this class will be made up of these elements:

  • Blog                                                                                           75 points (15 at 5 points each; 10 required, 5 freestyle)

The 10 assigned blogs are due nearly every Monday. Check course schedule. Three freestyle blogs are due before midterm; two after.  See blog requirements.

  • Twitter                                                                                   40 points  (Four points for each week.)

Twitter requirements are at least 10 tweets a week on social media/media with the #hashtag of #jrm327. No more than five can be RTs.

  • Personal brand portfolio                                                      75  points (Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog) + Analytics +Engagement

The exact parts of the portfolio will be handed out on Jan. 15. Content and engagement will be part of the grade. Due Feb. 29

  • Developing a social media policy                                       20 points

You will develop a policy for an organization you know/are involved with. Due Feb. 8.

  • Curation/Storify project                                                      20 points

You’ll develop a Storify on a subject/event of your choosing. Grade will be based on annotation, quality. Due Feb. 8

  • Final project/presentation                                               100  points  (25 points for presentation)

Develop a social media plan that addresses a particular problem including presentation of plan. Presentations are April 18, April 23. Projects due April 25. (Pie Day).

  • Test on terms                                                                        50 points   Feb. 27
  • Social Media for Good:                                                       15 points   Feb. 15  1-4 p.m.

Workshop for area nonprofits. You’ll be assisting Kelly McManus and Amanda Burkey in the workshop/coaching the participants.

  • Various in-class projects.                                                   Point totals vary; Usually 5 to 10 points

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