Rules of the road

Dr. Carol Zuegner

Office: 209-A Hitchcock Building

Office Phone: 402-280-4059

E-mail: (best way to reach me)

Twitter: @czuegner (another good way to reach me)

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2-3 p.m.,  Wednesdays 3 to 4  p.m. and by appointment.  Stop by anytime.


Proftraffic coneessionalism/Attendance: Attendance is required and you are expected to be on time for class. The course will follow the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing’s  professionalism policy. Students will attend all classes unless there is a valid reason to be absent and to arrive on time just as they would at work. Students who arrive after class has begun are considered late.

  • Valid reasons for absences include illness, participation in an official university function (debate, varsity athletic absences etc), family emergency etc. All excused absences require notification by email, phone, Twitter  PRIOR to class.
  • Absences of two classes in a row due to illness require a doctor’s note.
  • Absences due to non-emergency medical / dental appointments are unexcused absences. The same goes for picking up a friend, taking a car to be repaired or other circumstances that can be avoided.
  • More than one week’s worth (2) of unexcused absences per semester can result in course grade being lowered 10 points per additional absence up to D after which the student will receive an A/F.

Attendance means more than just sitting in class. Students are expected to participate actively and to be attentive during class when their kindly professor or their colleagues are speaking. Unless it is a part of the class, texting, checking e-mail, Twitter or Facebook is not allowed.

Inclement Weather

If the university is open, I will strive to be here. In the event of bad weather, I will send an e-mail message on BlueLine and on Twitter.  Students should use their own common sense on braving the elements.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication follows the ethical guidelines of the Creighton College of Arts and Sciences. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, whether plagiarism or fabrication or any other form. Possible punishment and consequences for acts of academic dishonesty are serious, including a zero for any work found to be plagiarized. For a detailed look at the College of Arts and Sciences policy, go to Please check out “Learning in the Academy,” the college’s handbook on academic integrity.


Assignments will be graded on rubrics/standards adapted for each particular medium, to conform with the best practices outlined for each medium. Categories for each assignment will include writing for the medium, writing quality, content quality and technical/mechanics quality (including grammar/punctuation/spelling/syntax). Grading will be on a scale of A 90-100; B 80-89; C 70-79; D 60-79; F Below 60.

  • A — Excellent work – professional quality. Excellent content geared to a particular media; Excellent content and mechanics. Meets deadlines.
  • B+ — Very good work – nearing professional quality. Very good content and mechanics. Meets deadlines.
  • B — Good work – nearing professional quality. Good content and mchanics. Meets deadlines.
  • C+ — Above average student quality work. Adequate content and mechanics. Meets deadlines.
  • C — Average student quality work. Adequate content and mechanics with a consistent effort. Meets deadlines
  • D — Below average student quality work. Projects are not up to standards. Problems with mechanics. Misses deadlines.
  • F — Poor quality work or no assignments. Lack of effort. Misses deadlines.


Deadlines are vital in journalism and everywhere. Late blogs/assignments will be downgraded one-half grade for each day they are late. More than three days late is an F.


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